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We provide interdisciplinary dental treatment

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I definitely recommend Mr. Mateusz.

I definitely recommend Mr. Mateusz. Full professionalism, knowledge and experience. Everything nicely explained and calmly discussed. The doctor has brought my complicated ones to a fantastic state and I can’t stop smiling 🙂 I highly recommend it

Full professionalism

Very quick appointment. Full adaptation to the patient. Staff treats the patient as a human being, not as a petitioner in the office. Doctor Leszczyński is a wonderful person who has an excellent approach to the patient. I recommend it to people who are afraid of dentists. Full professionalism. I was in Dentopolis for the extraction of a difficult tooth, everything went almost instantly and painlessly, even after the procedure, the area after the extraction did not hurt. Maybe it sounds like I recommend it a bit too much, but after what I went through in other dentists’ offices, I think this clinic should be recommended. And thank you a hundred times;)


Dr. Marcin is doing a great job.

A great dentist, extremely hardworking. The atmosphere in Dentopolis is also great, and the ladies at the reception are very nice.

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Doctor Magda Walkowiak saved my tooth that is doomed to loss.

After a previous dentist in my hometown I had an untreated tooth, but thanks to Ms Magdalena I managed to heal it. Treatment in a relaxed, stress-free atmosphere and painlessly. I recommend

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