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In our clinic, we use the highest quality nanocomposite materials of the latest generation: Estelite Asteria, Tokuyama and Enamel HRI. The materials we use ensure the highest aesthetics and durability of fillings, as close as possible to natural teeth. Our priority is to achieve such aesthetics of the filling that it is indistinguishable from natural teeth.




Conservative treatment in a cofferdam and magnification

A cofferdam is a special sheet of rubber that helps to keep the treated tooth dry by isolating the tooth from saliva. Conservative treatment is carried out with the use of magnifiers or a microscope, thanks to which we obtain greater precision and accuracy of the filling. In our practice, we use Palodent, a matrix system that guarantees the highest degree of tightness of fillings. They enable anatomical reconstruction of contact points, even in the most difficult cases.


Cavity infiltration - ICON

ICON is a new, low-invasive method for the treatment of cavities and discoloration. This method is used to treat the initial carious lesions without losing enamel. The ICON method allows for effective and efficient treatment of cavities in stage. The treatment is completely painless and is carried out without anesthesia.


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