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A modern and effective method of restoring missing teeth, which allows patients to gain not only extraordinary comfort, but also high aesthetics. Implantation procedures are carried out by an experienced dental surgeon, Przemysław Leszczyński, and a graduate of the Implantology Curriculum, Dr. Mateusz Tarnowski, MD, PhD.

At Dentopolis, we use the latest Alpha Bio system. Implants feel like natural teeth and most importantly, they are safe and very durable. Thanks to this, your smile will look healthy and beautiful again.

What is an implant?


Implants are an “artificial root” that we insert into the bones of the maxilla or mandible. It is made of titanium, and when introduced into the body, it is not treated as a foreign body. It attaches to the appropriate tissues in a process technically known as osseointegration. A porcelain prosthetic crown rests on it.


A “tooth” prepared in this way prevents the occurrence of degenerative changes in joints, bones and dentition. Implants are extremely durable and, importantly, they can be used with a crown, bridge or prosthesis.

When is the best time to use implants?

A single tooth is missing: we avoid damaging adjacent teeth.

No molars: thanks to the implants, there is no need for a gingival prosthesis. Such a prosthesis is not comfortable and also leads to bone loss. Implants avoid the prosthesis lying on the gum, which causes discomfort, pain and bone loss.

avoid the prosthesis lying on the gum, which causes discomfort, pain and bone loss.

Toothlessness: dentures cause discomfort while eating and cause bone loss. Placement of two or four implants ensures a good stabilization of the prosthesis, ensuring comfort.


Implant insertion procedure

Step 1 – a visit to a dental surgeon

During a visit to a dental surgeon, needs are analyzed and possible contraindications to the procedure are ruled out. It is worth taking a pantomographic photo with you for the first visit (we issue referrals for free in the office)

Step 2 – medical examinations

Each patient must undergo a medical examination. Some diseases are a contraindication to the implant surgery. They inform us about the condition of the bones and allow for very precise planning of implant treatment.


Step 3 – implant placement

The procedure itself takes several dozen minutes and is painless. You are under local anesthesia during the procedure. The standard procedure consists

minimally exposing the bone and then making a hole in it in order to insert it into the implant site.

New teeth are made on the implants, after several months pass. This is

adhesion of the implant with the bone (depending on the implantation site from 3 to 6 months), new teeth are made on the implants.


Step 4 – the next stage is prosthetic restoration. These can be porcelain crowns on metal, zirconium or all-ceramic crowns.

In the front teeth, zirconium or all-ceramic crowns are recommended due to their high aesthetics.


We have been awarded the Certificate of Trust by the portal.

The certificate is awarded to clinics that transparently present costs, have many years of experience in implantology and provide high quality services.



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