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It is better to prevent than to cure, therefore we encourage patients to undergo regular dental check-ups (every 6 months). Regular teeth condition check, varnishing, systematic teeth cleaning (sandblasting and removing the stone) is the key to having a beautiful, healthy smile.



It is the removal of tartar from the surface of the teeth. The ultrasound method of limescale removal is quick and painless. Tartar can lead to serious problems including periodontitis, dental cavities and periodontal disease.



It is cleansing teeth of discoloration and coffee, tea and cigarette deposits. Sandblasting is also carried out before lacquering, varnishing and whitening, before putting on and during the use of fixed orthodontic appliances. The treatment consists in the systematic cleaning of each tooth. The procedure is painless and takes about 20 minutes.



Make an appointment:
503 190 337
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