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Teeth Whitening

Looking to uncover the pearly white smile that’s hiding beneath years of staining? beyond-polus
Beyond Polus is recognized as the safest, highest ranked and most effective way to whiten your teeth.

Beyond professional in-office whitening treatment
Every child start off with beautiful white teeth, but strongly colored foods and drinks like coffee, tea, and cola can discolor their surfaces.
Over time, these stains penetrate deep inside the teeth. Just like white clothes, which have picked up dyes and can never regain their original brightness, stained teeth are very difficult to whiten with conventional methods. But Beyond’s advanced technology cleans both the surface and the internal structure of your teeth.
Beyond a global leader in professional dental whitening systems, is dedicated to developing the safest and the most advanced technologies for cosmetic dentistry. Numerous clinical studies have proven that the Beyond System, which takes only 45-60 minutes to return your smile to sparkling white, is the most effective way of whitening the teeth without any side effects.
The Beyond cold-light tooth-whitening machine uses a narrow beam of high-intensity blue light with a wavelength of between 480 and 520 nanometers. A special optical process removes harmful infrared and ultraviolet light. A whitening fluid containing hydrogen peroxide and 20 nanometer silicon dioxide rapidly oxidizes the entire surface of all 16 or more front teeth in one short treatment. Leaving behind a brilliantly white smile.

Tests prove that, after whitening with the Beyond System, the teeth score 5 to 14 points higher on the VITA scale; effectively beating out alternative forms of whitening.
Are my teeth suitable for cold-light whitening?
In fact, Beyond gives magical results for anyone who wants to whiten their teeth. This includes people with teeth which have been stained by smoking or by substances like coffee or tea. It also whitens teeth stained by tetracycline, speckled by fluoride or yellowed by medicines or hereditary discoloration.
How white can my teeth get?
Test proves that, after whitening with Beyond, the teeth score from 5 to 14 points higher on the VITA scale. The results depend on how discolored the teeth were originally, but the end result will be white, shiny teeth.
How long will the whitening last?
This varies from person to person and depends on your diet, but the effect should usually last for two years.
What is the difference between Beyond and other methods of whitening?
This technique whitens your teeth right away and has no side effects. It does not damage your teeth, and gives the best possible results.
How long does treatment take with Beyond?
In only 30 to 45 minutes, discoloration which has built up over the years will magically disappear. It takes no longer than the time it would for you to have a haircut or a manicure or have a cup of coffee – it’s that simple!
How safe is Beyond?
The Beyond cold whitening technique is absolutely safe. Because Beyond uses cold light at a low temperature, it cannot irritate the nerves of your teeth. Also, the whitening fluid is water based and does not come into contact with your gums, and will not damage your teeth or tooth enamel.

After the treatment, how do I care for my whiter smile?
For the first 24 hours after the Beyond treatment avoid smoking, drinking coffee, tea, cola, red wine and other dark-colored drinks or food. Also avoid using colored mouthwash or toothpaste.






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