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Magdalena Walkowiak and Mateusz Nogal are dentists specializing in root canal treatment under the microscope at Dentopolis. We deal with the most complex procedures in the field of microscopic endodontics, including the removal of broken tools, closing perforation or open apex, root canal treatment of teeth with very curved, narrow canals. Sometimes this is the last option to keep the tooth in your mouth.

In our work, we use the best materials and tools available on the market. Root canal treatment is always carried out under magnification (microscope), with the use of a cofferdam and machine tools. During the treatment, X-ray images necessary for the proper conduct of the treatment, and sometimes also cbct images, are taken.

Endodontic treatment

Cavities, which is not stopped at the level of the enamel and dentin, reaches the pulp with the nerves and blood vessels responsible for the nutrition of the teeth. This is usually accompanied by pain when biting, reaction to heat / cold. The inflamed pulp should be removed and the root canals thoroughly cleaned of bacteria and filled with a final material specially designed for this purpose. A space is created in the center of the tooth, which after cleaning and shaping is tightly filled.

It is a method that allows your tooth to be preserved.

The only alternative to endodontic treatment is to remove the tooth and replace it with an implant or bridge. Which, unfortunately, due to the complex and complicated structure or loss of bone, is not always possible.

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia.

In our clinic, we attach great importance to root canal treatment, because each well-treated tooth root is the best natural implant, which, after properly conducted endodontic treatment, can be rebuilt (depending on the degree of tooth damage and its purpose) in a conservative or prosthetic manner. The tools we use in our clinic are the highest quality tools to meet the difficult anatomical structure of the teeth.


Reendodontic treatment

(root canal re-treatment) is the endodontic re-treatment of a tooth in which endodontic treatment was once attempted, unfortunately without success.

The reason for this is the persistent bacteria and unclean canals in the canal system, which may result from the complex anatomical structure of the tooth, strongly curved canals, insufficient rinsing, lack of enlargement during primary treatment, broken instruments, perforation within the bottom of the chamber or canals.

If endodontic retreatment is not possible or is associated with a high risk of excessive tooth preparation, the presence of a tight prosthetic reconstruction can be performed with endodontic microsurgery consisting in the removal of inflamed bone tissues together with the root apex and their retrograde preparation and filling with biocompatible material. The doctor always decides about the qualifications and indications or contraindications for the procedure.

The key to success in primary or repeated endodontic treatment is the tight reconstruction of the tooth after treatment, which we pay special attention to.

The type of restoration in each case depends on the condition of a given tooth and is discussed before the treatment begins.


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